Products & Raw Materials

The commercial value of a product or raw material is determined by its' content and purity or the presence of impurities that may compromise the efficacy or safety of the product . For this reason Reference Methods are used in the quality assurance of products and raw materials. The list below represents a selection of some of the natural occurring products we test and some of our own products.


Service Description
AgriLime Limestone products tested to the specification for agricultural use.
Aluminium Etch Quantitative analysis of the composition of the Aluminium Etch solution
Celestite Ore Composition Full analysis of Celestite Ore to determine its' composition and therefore commercial value.
Limestone Full analysis of limestone ore to determine its' composition and therefore its' commercial value.
Migration of Toxic Elements Is concerned with the migration of toxic metals (e.g. arsenic, lead, mercury, etc.) from toys and domestic materials.
Sand Grading Seperation of raw sand/building materials into their different size fractions to determine their mean, median & particle size distribution, prior to grading.
Thiosulphate Dosage Analysis of sterile (irradiated) PET microbiological bottles to determine the efficacy of the thiosulphate dosage to neutralise chlorine.


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Industrial Services

Services to support industry, from the manufacture of products and their supporting systems and infrastructure, to the quality assurance of their raw materials and finished goods; we can be with you every step of the way, with bespoke testing and management strategies to suit your needs

Services provided for a selection of manufactured products can be found here.

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