Waste & Wastewater Management

Characterisation of waste for disposal via the various legitimate waste streams and the management of effluents and wastewaters are ultimately controlled by the 'Water Framework Directive'; these tests are designed to help you and other authorities meet the objectives of this legislation.


Service Description
Burials & Cemetries Groundwater Risk Assessment Analysis.
Effluent, Consent Measure of consent parameters for a trade effluent (also known as the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive UWTD).
Effluent, Environmental Release Analysis of effluents for environmental release to surface or ground waters post-treatment (part of the Water Framework Directive WFD).
Effluent, Trade Water Authority duplicate analysis of trade effluent.


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Environmental Management

Using the recognised inter-dependency enshrined in the Water Framework Directive to manage waste streams, protect soil health and produce a healthy environment by monitoring and categorising water quality in industrial and environmental uses. Bathing water, drinking water, urban waste, trade waste, the services we provide for managing our impact on the environment can be divided into different categories depending upon their source and use;

the management of Soil Health & the control of Soil Additives.

the regulation and classification of different Water Types.

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