Soil Health & Management

Soil is a complex material, home to many animals, plants, insects and bacteria; its structure should support life and its organic content should promote plant growth. Harvesting plants depletes the organic content of the soil, the addition of additives to promote growth also adds toxic elements to the soil. These tests are designed to help us manage the land effectively for the benefit of everyone.


Service Description
Soil Improvers Designed for commercial material destined for agricultural use, where the quality of product is derived primarily from its' source.
Soil N-P-K Value The determination of Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium in materials for agricultural use.
Soil Toxic Elements Analysis of soil samples for the presence of phytotoxic and zootoxic elements.


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Environmental Management

Using the recognised inter-dependency enshrined in the Water Framework Directive to manage waste streams, protect soil health and produce a healthy environment by monitoring and categorising water quality in industrial and environmental uses. Bathing water, drinking water, urban waste, trade waste, the services we provide for managing our impact on the environment can be divided into different categories depending upon their source and use;

the control of Industrial Waste & Effluents .

the regulation and classification of different Water Types.

Industrial Services
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