Building Maintenance

Services designed to control infection and maintain a comfortable environment for the building occupants; these tests identify and encourage healthy behaviours in the work place and provide an effective measure of the efficiency and performance of integral building and personal work place systems.


Service Description
Burials & Cemetries Groundwater Risk Assessment Analysis.
Coliform Bacteria (MPN) Test for indicator organisms in products and processes; the presence of which confirms the product or process is failing and needs to be renewed.
Legionella Detection The isolation and detection of Legionella in waterborne environments such as; cooling towers, water storage units, machining tools, cooling fluids, etc.
Migration of Toxic Elements Is concerned with the migration of toxic metals (e.g. arsenic, lead, mercury, etc.) from toys and domestic materials.
Plate Count Microbiological test to determine the effectiveness of bactericides in products or processes (e.g. coolants, lubricants, cooling towers, etc.)
Process Water- Audit Maintenance test suite for process water, designed to give an indication of its' useful remaining life.
Process Water- Check Maintenance test suite designed to check the current condition of the process water; used effectively can also predict shelf-life of product.
Process Water- Deposits Identification and quantification of the major components of an insoluble deposit after failure of the process.
Process Water- Glycols Small test suite to determine identity and concentration of thermal adjuvants.
Process Water- Quality Full test suite to determine the health of the process water and identify and quantify potential harmful contaminants and by-products.


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Building Control

Building forensics, the testing of hardened concrete and mortar, High Alumina Cement (HAC), chlorides and other chemical tests designed for the renovation of building infrastructure. Building occupancy comfort by the management of indoor air quality and personal safety and the prevention of disease by the promotion of healthy behaviours in the work place.

Services for the management of buildings, their development & maintenance and reconstruction of new and historical buildings can be found here.

The management of Indoor Air Quality and personal safety while performing work-place activities can be found here.

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