Indoor Air Quality & Occupational Exposure

Isolation, identification and quantification of hazardous materials and chemicals for the management of indoor air quality and personal safety while undertaking normal occupational activities. The table below is a list of our common activities in support of our commitment to improving occupational indoor air quality.


Service Description
Chromium (VI) Preparation and analysis of pre-treated membrane filters for the presence of inhalable Chromium (VI).
Inhalable Dust (TID) The fraction of airborne material (cotton, wood, flour, etc.) that enters the nose and mouth during breathing.
Inhalable Metals Supply of a membrane filter and quantification of the inhalable metals by AA (Atomic Absorption).
Machine-made Mineral Fibre (MMF) Collection of MMF on filters and counting of fibre numbers using phase contrast microscopy.
Oil Mist Supply of filters for collection and quantification of the inhalable oil mist.
Pre-Weighed GF/A Filters Dispensed in travel cassettes for use in Total Inhalable Dust (TID) monitoring.
Respirable Dust Inhaled airborne material that penetrates to the lower gas exchange region of the lung.
UFFI Identification and confirmation of the presence of Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation in a building.


If you wish to make any enquiries about the services listed here (prices, sampling arrangements, etc.) or have a specific requirement to establish the risk to health of a particular occupational process (grinding, milling, sawing, painting, welding, etc.) please do not hesitate to  Contact Us .


Building Control

Building forensics, the testing of hardened concrete and mortar, High Alumina Cement (HAC), chlorides and other chemical tests designed for the renovation of building infrastructure. Building occupancy comfort by the management of indoor air quality and personal safety and the prevention of disease by the promotion of healthy behaviours in the work place.

The prevention of disease by the promotion of healthy behaviours in the work place are listed here.

Services for the management of buildings, their development & maintenance and the reconstruction of new and historical buildings can be found here.

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