Building Forensics

These tests are designed to identify construction defects for the management or renovation of buildings and other infrastructure. They includes the analysis of composite building materials to determine their suitability in building renovation, construction and infrastructure projects.


Service Description
Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) Chemical test to determine alkali content in concrete, mortar or render; can be used to predict ASR potential.
Atterberg Limits Liquid limit and plasticity index of soils; gives essential information about the strength and settlement characteristics a soil .
Carbonation Depth Measures the degree of degradation in a concrete, mortar or render.
Cement Content Determination of constituent components in hardened concrete, mortar or render to identify the materials and their concentration.
Chlorides Quantification of chlorides in hardened concrete, mortar or render.
High Alumina Cement Identification of High Alumina Cement (HAC) in buildings and infrastructures.
Hygroscopic Salts Evaluates the susceptibility of building products to the presence and movement of water soluble salts, in building.
UFFI Identification and confirmation of the presence of Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation in a building.


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Building Control

Building forensics, the testing of hardened concrete and mortar, High Alumina Cement (HAC), chlorides and other chemical tests designed for the renovation of building infrastructure. Building occupancy comfort by the management of indoor air quality and personal safety and the prevention of disease by the promotion of healthy behaviours in the work place.

The management of Indoor Air Quality and personal safety while performing industrial activities can be found here.

The prevention of disease by the promotion of healthy behaviours in the work place are listed separately here.

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