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Surface Preparation Solutions

These solutions are designed for the passivation of metals, alloys and super-alloys pre and post fabrication. They desmut, deoxidise, etch and chemically clean & polish these materials in bulk tanks or can be applied directly to the surface of the material for greater control.


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If you wish to make any enquiries about the products listed here (Material Safety Data Sheets, Prices, Quantities, etc) please Contact Us using our contact form.


Industrial Products

The fusion of science & technology to produce products for the cleaning, deoxidation, etching and surface preparation of metals, alloys and super-alloys; the application of chemistry for the selective removal and stabilisation of materials from a substrate or wafer: these products are not for the feint hearted, but for the experienced craftsman.  

A list of all the Microfabrication etchants used for the selective removal of material from a substrate are available here.

A list of all the Specialty Chemicals manufactured by WoB can be found here.

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