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The fusion of science & technology to produce products for the cleaning, deoxidation, etching and surface treatment of metals, alloys and super-alloys; the application of chemistry for the selective removal and stabilisation of materials from a substrate or wafer: these products are not for the feint hearted, but for the experienced craftsman.

  • Deoxidise, Desmut, Degrease

    Deoxidise, Desmut, Degrease

    We manufacture and distribute a wide range of chemicals for the pre and post fabrication treatment of metals and plastics.

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  • Impurities Friend or Foe?

    Impurities Friend or Foe?

    Impurities in and on raw materials and products can substantially enhance the properties of a welded material or weaken it to such an extent that it causes complete failure of the product. This article is designed to explore the application of impurities in welded metals and how to mitigate their undesirable effects.

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  • Super-Hard Metal

    Super-Hard Metal

    A super-hard metal has been made in the laboratory by melting together titanium and gold. The alloy is the hardest known metallic substance compatible with living tissues, says US physicists.

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Industrial Products

A list of all the Industrial etchant products used for the passivation, deoxidation and etching of metals, alloys and super-alloys can be found here.

A list of all the Microfabrication etchants used for the selective removal of material from a substrate are available here.

A list of all the Specialty Chemicals manufactured by WoB can be found here.

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