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We manufacture products for the Food Industry, NHS National Blood Service and dental practices; these products are prepared when requested by our distributors to their specification. Every product we manufacture is prepared and tested in-house to ensure every aspect of its' quality control.

  • Haemoglobin Screening Solution Notes

    Haemoglobin Screening Solution Notes

    Pre-donation haemoglobin screening is one of the first tests performed in the blood donor selection process; its aim is to prevent the collection of blood from an anaemic donor. It is therefore essential, that there should be an accurate and reliable method for haemoglobin determination at the point of collection.

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Health Products

Health related products require additional infrastructure and resources to control their quality, to help us achieve this goal we employ ERP/MRP and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to control every aspect of the process; from the delivery of raw materials to the analysis of the finished product.

A list of all the health related products manufactured/supplied by WoB can be found here.

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