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Waterfall & O'Brien Ltd.

Waterfall & O'Brien Suppliers

Waterfall & O'Brien is proud of the strong, collaborative relationships we have built with our suppliers, many of whom have been working with us for a very long time. We rely on our suppliers to provide the materials, goods and services that waterfall & O'Brien needs to manufacture products, service our customers and supply our offices and facilities with the essentials to operate our business.

To build these collaborative relationships we operate a procurement based approach to supplier selection, loosely based around the ideals of obtaining the highest quality products and services at a cost that represents the best possible value, while maintaining our ethical standards, and taking our social and environmental responsibilities seriously.


We are committed to maintaining a diverse supplier base, the diverse supplier program is designed to maintain business continuity and ensure that businesses of diverse backgrounds and ownership have the opportunity to become valued suppliers. Suppliers can learn more about our requirements, policies and procedures in this section and learn how to partner with us to meet our business goals.


We welcome all potential suppliers who can add value to Waterfall & O'Brien and its' products and services and can fulfil all our requirements on a competitive basis. To be considered as a supplier to Waterfall & O'Brien you must be prequalified, to prequalify please complete the Supplier Registration form.


Supplier Selection Criteria

Supplier Registration Form

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