Innovation Programme

Innovation requires the appropriate development and design strategies to realise an idea and the time and space to explore opportunities and be creative.

Innovation is the life-blood of any development strategy; development is the legacy that ensures a company's survival in a competitive business environment. Whereas innovation is the application of better solutions to meet new requirements, creativity is the generation of new ideas and concepts to solve potential problems and create a new business opportunity. However, unlike innovation, the generation of new ideas carries an inherent business risk of failure, the ability to off-load this risk and share the opportunity can greatly increase the success rate of the creative process.


Our vision is to understand the chemical complexities of the natural world and to apply this information to the benefit of all life. To meet these ideals and achieve our goals we recognise that we cannot do this alone; the nature and complexity of the problems requires creative and innovative thinking from a wide range of industrial, educational & governmental organisations across a broad spectrum of disciplines.


We welcome all potential Innovation centres such as universities, technical colleges and centres of excellence who wish to share their development risk and greatly increase their success rate. To be considered as an innovation partner the project must meet our development strategy; if you are interested in becoming an innovation partner please complete the Innovation Registration form.


Confidentiality Agreement

Partner Registration Form and Confidentiality Agreement

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