The Silent Killer

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is a major cause of disability and death. It is the 4th leading cause of death throughout the world.
The Silent Killer

Indoor Air Quality Sampling


‘There are approximately 30,000 deaths each year from COPD in the UK (NICE 2004).  Smoking is the main cause, however evidence suggests that there would be around 4,000 fewer of these deaths if occupational risks (dusts, smoke, fume) were removed.’


Be a part of something and do something amazing; save a life tomorrow by taking action today.  COPD is a silent killer; it is the result of sustained exposure to dust, smoke and fume.  Audit your workplace and review your control measures with the view to eliminating exposure today.  If you do not know about COPD and need a starting point to evaluate your exposure risks visit Our Building Control page for some ideas or complete the contact page if you requirements are more specific.


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