Shopping Anyone?

We've added more features to the shop and released it into the market place, this means it is now discoverable to the search engines.
Shopping Anyone?

We've Googled the Shop!

We've added functionality to our website shop that enables the shop to be discoverable by a standard search engine and allowed the search bots access to the shop in order to increase performance. More significantly, we have created some product feeds, these feeds will feed data about our products to the GoogleTM shop (or more specifically the Google Merchant CentreTM). This is an important feature because it transposes data from our shopping database to another shopping database in a live feed, this means that any changes in our product portfolio will be synchronised across the network and everyone is using the same information.

The products will not show up in the shopping channel until the next phase is complete and the individual products, located in our shop, move from pending to active. As it takes time to get this process complete (i.e. databases communicating with each other) the last phase will be prepared but not rolled out until we have a stable platform to work with. It is necessary to begin this process now while we have only a few products and we can see the effects of any changes quite quickly. Future updates will be taken care of automatically by the systems we put in place during the initial development phase.

Our next step is to work on the packaging and goods delivery process; this appears to be quite a challenge for the products we intend to distribute.

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