Happy New Year

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019 where the possibilities are endless, opportunities created and plans crafted for success!

If we allow it, the period between Christmas and the New Year; the 'Holiday Period', is a time for reflection, a time where one can consider the past year and contemplate the future: the coming year. This holiday period is traditionally where plans are made and resolutions are crafted to create a better future for the coming and future years. This is the period where we take stock, consider where we were at the beginning of last year and compare it to the beginning of this year, noting our successes and failures, learning from our mistakes and repeating our successes. This process can be cathartic in consigning last year to the pages of history and build or create a state of happiness as one crafts a new vision for the future.

In the past, in tribal settings, this coincidental, collective 'state of happiness', was a shared experience celebrated in the 'Great Hall' with a spontaneous end of year party. So when someone wishes you a 'Happy New Year' what they are really saying is "congratulations on planning your future"; later when someone wishes you a 'Prosperous New Year' what they are really saying is "may all your plans come to fruition". All this has been lost in the midst of times, what remains is the derivative, diluted process, condensed  and monetised under the guise of a 'New Years Celebration', but no one knows the true reason for it, except for the fact that we have reached the end of the year and starting another!

So, in the spirit of the 'old' traditions, we at WoB wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a PROSPEROUS one too!

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