New Corporate Website

This is the third incarnation of our website, the first two were innovative but difficult to manage, partly because they were hosted by third parties who restricted what software could be used on their equipment. This website is different... firstly because it is hosted by ourselves!
New Corporate Website

Imagining the finished product

Our Objective in Creating a New Website

Our aim is to provide a global front-end communication centre designed to provide relevant information about our activities and to get interested parties to the relevant areas of your expertise, whether you are a user of our products or services or a company supplying necessary business products or services.

Please feel free to tour the site, there is little content at the moment but the theme and structure of the website has evolved sufficiently that new content will be added as quickly as possible.  This website is intended to host and display dynamic content, this will enable us to keep up to date and relevant throughout the life-time of this site.  Hence all the static items, such as 'Partnering' have already been added; dynamic content will be delivered via the news portal and disseminated to the various parts of the site based on relevancy via appropriate filters.

Links to Our Previous Websites

Currently we are adding guidelines and other documents of General Interest to the Public (GIP); these guidelines provide the common basis from which we operate and determine how we do business and why we are organised the way we are. More importantly the guidelines provide the solutions to many common problems, such as 'how do I get rid of Iron from my water?' and are therefore worth checking out.

Many ways to access the relevant and related information, the 'live' database is up and running, you will find connectivity to our products and services via interactive gateways including 'Related Items' portals on the various pages. It was important to have database connectivity because it has a single point of editing and the information is not stored in the website, hence speed, accessibility and accuracy are greatly improved.

Improving Efficiency and Rationalising the Sitemap

Rooting out the errors! Since inception in May the site has persistently had 4K+ cyclical errors (these are computer generated URL fragments that point to documents that do not exist and is a sign that the website is not performing correctly. Although the errors do not slow the site down they are an unnecessary distraction, since trying to find a critical error is almost impossible; the errors are created as a by-product of the way the website works and is not necessarily related to the size of the site. As of 22/08/2016 the errors have been reduced to <100.

The site map has also been rationalised to provide intuitive URLs as you pass through the site; in this way you will know exactly where you are within the site (e.g. services/building/control/maintenance); everything to make the flow of information ergonomic. Our next stage is to re-categorise  and add the appropriate products and services to our secondary database so that they appear in the correct place in the website.

If you have any comments please use the contact form under 'Contact US'; one of the first areas to be completed. If you are a supplier or an innovation centre looking for a partner to develop your products, checkout or register your interest in our 'Partnering' section.


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