Making a 'Quality Life' Accessible to all

The key to improving the quality of life is access to information and resources that enable you to change a life.

Life is a complex process consisting of random predictable and unpredictable events, caused by the interaction of both controllable and uncontrollable processes; to change the quality of a life, in this complex environment, you need access to the tools that will make a difference. Getting to the root cause of the necessary change is the ultimate goal, but focusing on the goal without characterising the problem is just adding another event to your life and that event may not add to the quality of anyone's life.

I find that everything in life can be described by the rule of 7; seven basic attributes that when combined identify the uniqueness of everything, these are:

Name - give everything a name, it simplifies things
Definition - basically a description for the name
Identification - simple tests that can be applied to validate the name and definition
Characteristics - or behaviour of the definition
Primary Quality - or the principle attribute of the item
Secondary Qualities - these items usually influence the character of the item
Impurities - these usually affect the behaviour of the item

So, in keeping with these seven principles we have empowered our Information Management System with the same attributes. That means when you have a problem and want to improve the quality of your life or someone else's, you will find the tools necessary to achieve your goals in a recognizable format; because not every problem is solved by looking for the obvious connections.

Our Information Management System is a toolbox consisting of methods, procedures, profiles & specifications interlinking via the seven principles to provide a comprehensive answer to any question that follows the same principles.  Understanding how the system achieves this is not important, understanding how to access and use this technology is; that is why we have prepared an instruction manual for your use.

Before you can access the Information Management System and for security reasons, you will need a <login> ID and a default <password> string, which we will supply to you directly via an email. Once you have these items the first time you login the system will ask you to reset your password. After that preliminary setup routine you can begin to change peoples lives. If you require the initial login ID and password, please contact us by visiting our Contact page.


Information Management System

Information Management System Instruction Manual

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