Introducing Waterfall & O’Brien

An introduction to our facilities, our management systems and our operating procedures.

To meet the aspirations of our company vision and mission, Waterfall & O’Brien manufacture and distribute chemicals for a wide range of industries and independently test and measure water, effluent & waste products, soil & soil additives, air quality and building integrity for our business professionals.

WoB was founded circa 1889 and has since achieved a strong reputation for customer service across its UK-wide customer base. Our strategy to meet the requirements of our vision is to incorporate the fundamental principles of the ISO9001 management philosophy into our Information Management Systems; in this way we can build a centre of excellence in Bristol based on sound business management criteria.

Focusing on our specific capabilities these include;

Warehousing & Distribution


with over 1000m2 of available space and dedicated systems to monitor the stock levels of our raw materials and oversee the warehousing & distribution of our products, it makes sense to use an Information Management System that puts the ISO9001 management philosophy at the heart of the process.



with pure water systems and on-site analytical services, we can manufacture 1000L per day of any number of products, to the highest specification; all manufactured, documented and bottled under our Manufacturing Information Management system.

Testing & Measuring


our analytical capability consists of traditional wet chemistry techniques supported by spectroscopic, AA, HPLC and GC equipment. Every piece of analytical equipment, every analytical method and every procedure; is controlled through our Laboratory Information Management System, so that you can be sure it meets the required standard of excellence.

Our field of expertise is devoted to the pursuit of improving the quality of life by understanding the chemical complexities of the water, soil and air interactions and testing & measuring these materials as required in order to develop the products and services to meet our goal. By choosing to use Waterfall & O'Brien you may benefit from additional services that aren't offered by other testing facilities.

If you are required to produce test results to support your work the following services may be of some benefit to you;



our primary objective as a supplier is to continuously improve our service. As part of that service we provide, information relevant to your field of expertise and encourage customer feedback on our services. Our systems our designed to be informative and communicate directly with our customers via email; from customer enquiry to final invoicing, so you know exactly where you are in the process.

Field Alerts


got a testing specification, we will alert you to an Out Of Specification result as soon as it occurs so that you can take corrective action if required. Your specification will become a part of the system, this means the manufacture and/or testing of your products will become an interactive experience.



Out Of Specification or Atypical results; if we or you feel that a result is atypical we will investigate the problem with you using a documented procedure to record the findings. In this way we can build a better understanding of the products and services we provide for you.

We are on a journey; re-discovering our importance to the local economy, re-inventing our company profile and promoting our new image, but above all continuously improving our efficiency and customer service quality. To do this we have devised a Roadmap, which incorporates the principles of ISO9001, to meet the future needs of our current customers and build a centre of excellence.

This document is designed to provide a quick overview of our current facilities and how they operate and interact with each other, for specific requirements please visit our <Products> and/or <Services> sections or use the [Search Bar] at the top of the page. If you would like to discuss these or any other ways in which we can ‘enhance the quality of life’ using our services or expertise,  please contact us by visiting our Contact page.

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