Telecommunications Upgrade

We are updating and improving our communications systems, this will cause some disruption to our internet and telecoms systems.
Telecommunications Upgrade

Telecoms Upgrade

We are adding speed and bandwidth to our internet services, divesting some of our IT services, coalescing and streamlining our product portfolio, upgrading our telecoms systems and adding VOIP to our IT infrastructure. Currently digital and analogue services are with two different providers, to achieve our aims we need to consolidate our current IT systems under the umbrella of one telecoms provider.

The first step was to find a suitable provider, initially by evaluating the cost/benefits of each of our current providers and a competitive, alternate provider. Once a suitable provider has been identified the second step is to consolidate all our IT services onto one supplier and finally to begin the upgrades.

Concurrently, while this process is progressing, suitable related products and services need to be identified, rationalised and placed on a compatible IT platform, to make the best of their related attributes. Rather than hosting these on our current servers, these will be outsourced onto a different platform and operate independently to our current systems.

Once the above processes are complete, the final steps can be made and the related connections to all the independent platforms made; this will require new hardware installations and configurations.

Even though we have many specialists helping us with this process, it is a major upgrade and rationalisation of our IT infrastructure, involving a number of different service providers and the supply and appropriate configuration of new hardware and technology systems. We cannot incapacitate all our systems at the same time as we need to continue operating, thus the IT project will the managed in stages and we anticipate the whole process will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

To aid in the communication process we will be releasing relevant announcements, at project milestones to indicate where we are in the IT Project.

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