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  • Bacteriological Sampling

    Bacteriological Sampling

    Sampling, Storage & Transportation of Water Samples for Bacteriological Testing.

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  • Sending Stuff to Waterfall & O'Brien

    Sending Stuff to Waterfall & O'Brien

    If you ever need to communicate with us via the post; sending a letter, parcel or sample this is the easy way to do it!

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  • The Dawn of Life

    The Dawn of Life

    The chemistry of every living thing is defined by six elements, from these six elements four different classes of biomolecules are created; these biomolecules produce every part of a living cell, but what makes it alive?

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  • The Chemistry of Life

    The Chemistry of Life

    The Periodic Table currently has 118 well defined and well characterised chemical elements, but only six primary elements are used to form a biological entity; every biological entity!

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  • Thinking of renovating your property?

    Thinking of renovating your property?

    Sand, cement, lime and other building materials have only recently been well defined, renovations to a building in excess of 100yrs old can result in irreparable damage to your property; changing the thermo-dynamics of the infrastructure and spoiling the look and feel of your building space.

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  • Drinking Water Sampling Instructions

    Drinking Water Sampling Instructions

    Sampling, Storage & Transportation of Drinking Water Samples.

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  • Super-Hard Metal

    Super-Hard Metal

    A super-hard metal has been made in the laboratory by melting together titanium and gold. The alloy is the hardest known metallic substance compatible with living tissues, says US physicists.

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