Taking a closer look at the management/ work-flow process.

Inter-connected Workflow

Example of a worksheet,


 Worksheets are entities used by Lab Manager to plan the work to be done by analysts and to group Analyses from different Samples in a single batch of work. Worksheets might also represent a single work package of multiple samples analyses in a given analytical instrument.

Worksheets support the addition of QC analyses (blanks, controls and duplicates) detect irregularities during the verification process.

Profiles and Templates

Profiles and Templates are useful tools to group analyses and make the creation of Samples with multiple tests an easy task: once a profile is selected while creating a Sample, all tests are added automatically. You can add as many profiles for a Sample as you wish. Templates are like Profiles, but with Sample type and partitioning criteria.

SENAITE also supports the creation of client-specific templates and profiles.

Example using a template.