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  • Easter Holidays

    Easter Holidays

    In the western world Easter is significant in that, unlike Christmas, it always has two bank holidays; one on either side of the weekend.

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  • Shopping Anyone?

    Shopping Anyone?

    We've added more features to the shop and released it into the market place, this means it is now discoverable to the search engines.

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  • New - eShop for Metallography

    New - eShop for Metallography

    Bringing you the best resource for metallography products- we've put our expertise in chemistry and formulation technology into an on-line eShop called EtchantsUK.

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  • Introducing Waterfall & O’Brien

    Introducing Waterfall & O’Brien

    An introduction to our facilities, our management systems and our operating procedures.

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  • Impurities Friend or Foe?

    Impurities Friend or Foe?

    Impurities in and on raw materials and products can substantially enhance the properties of a welded material or weaken it to such an extent that it causes complete failure of the product. This article is designed to explore the application of impurities in welded metals and how to mitigate their undesirable effects.

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