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Waterfall & O'Brien Ltd.

Domains & Management Software

Understanding our domain structure and how it impacts the positioning of our IT infrastructure is a key element in the management of our information.
Domains & Management Software

Information Management

We have a lot of websites to access and manage, to make things easier it would be a good idea to get some understanding of our current operational organisation and to present a current list of own systems for easy access. In the first instance we have four domain names,,, & Etchants.UK. Each domain is responsible for different aspects of our business;

  1. .com is used to host our on-line management software
  2. is used for all our domestic (UK) activities (e.g. hosting our laboratory, advertising, emailing, etc).
  3. is used for testing all new software.
  4.  Etchants.UK is used for our on-line shop
Because of this structure all activities, such as PayPal, Stripe and hosting sites etc. use the email format and contact pages. Additionally, and more importantly, each domain can accommodate many sub-domains. Our systems are divided as indicated below;
  • The waterfall library -this is a private space, owned by waterfall & O'Brien, where we store and share our useful information and relevant documents that are not part of our operations.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); -Resource planning and Customer Relations Manager (currently Dolibarr)
  • The waterfall laboratory -this is the BikaLims laboratory management site, currently in use and about to be retired.
  •  The test laboratory; -this is our new laboratory information management system (LIMS software), currently Senaite. This will supercede our current LIMS software as it has reached end of life (EOL)
  •  The on-line shop; -this is where we advertise and sell some of our products directly to customers.
  • Finally there is this website, which you are on; -this is responsible for providing our on-line presence and keeping customers informed.
Understanding the function of each domain helps us to position the various management software, we need to do our business, in the correct domain (e.g. testing new software, etc). The creative use of sub-domains allows us to aggregate the software based upon this functionality (e.g. the library and enterprise resource planning). 




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